Sedef Island is one of the smallest islands in Sea of Marmara and also one of the nine islands consisting the Princes' Islands.

"The island has been beautifully decorated with festoons of flowers during previous periods. When it was seen from a distance, it looked like a pearlescent and is called “Sedefadası” as such. The native flora of the island has decreased significantly due to the effects of wind erosion, and the island’s rocky ground has come into view over the course of time.

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Turkish Sedef Island information Page

In 1850, Sedef Island was owned by Damat Fethi Paşa (general of the army), during which olive tree saplings and vegetables were planted on the island. After his death, the island itself was left in a bad state, and all of the olive trees were cut down during World War I. During the Republic period, the ownership of the island passed to Yegane Hanım, the wife of Hüseyin Cahit, a famous Turkish poet.

After her death, it passed to her son, Şehsuvar Menemencioğlu, and to her daughter, Reyhan Şehsuvaroğlu. This family, who held ownership of the island, established a building society in 1956. It was turned into a level residential area on which 60 to 70 villas were built through the active work of the building society" (source

There is a public beach and only one shop on the island. There is a bar and restaurant which are open from May to October.

Where is Sedef Island?    
It's a Turkish island in the Sea of Marmara  ( see the island on maps )

Other Names of Sedef Island
Tavsanadası "Rabbit Island"
The island was populated with thousands of rabbits in 17th and 18th centuries.

Terebinthos (Greek)
It comes from Terebinth Tree. The island was covered by turpentine tree in early ages.

Total Area of Sedef Island
0.157 km²
Long 1.300 meter
Width  1.100 meter

Closest Mainland City

Famous Residents of Sedef Island
Patriarch Ignatios of Constantinople was sent in exile to the island in 857 AD, where he was imprisoned for 10 years.

Historical Ruins on Sedef Island

How to Get
There are regular ferry services from Istanbul during summer months. Ferries for Büyükada also stops at Sedef Island.